QBE Greenslips


Just what are QBE Greenslips? Find out how they work and why you must have CTP Insurance cover in NSW.

Belmore Auto Pit in Narwee NSW can provide QBE Greenslips while you wait...

(CTP) Insurance stands for Compulsory Third Party  Insurance and is mandatory. In the unfortunate event that you or someone else driving your car is involved in an accident, the third party involved (occupants of the other vehicle, pedestrians etc) is covered by the CTP on your car.

This means that others involved in the accident are able to claim against your CTP insurance and you wont be facing potentially hefty bills.

CTP Insurance are sometimes referred to as Green Slips in New South Wales and cover the cost of third party compensation claims if you, or anyone driving your car, causes an accident in which someone else is injured.

Your CTP helps to cover the cost of the injured person's medical treatment, potential lost earnings or, where the injuries sustained are of a more serious nature, the injured party's ongoing care. In the event of a fatality the CTP Insurance may also cover compensation claims by the deceased persons relatives.

CTP doesn't just cover the occupants of other cars but any party involved in an accident situation, including any passengers travelling in your car (or another involved vehicle) and also other road users such as pedestrians, motorcyclists, cyclists and so on.

CTP Insurance will not cover the damage to your own or other peoples' property (including cars), for this you will need Comprehensive Car Insurance, or at the very least Third PArty Property Insurance (not to be confused with CTP). Compulsory Third Party Insurance should cover injuries to other people however, whether they are in your car, the other vehicle/s involved or other road users injured as a direct result of the crash.

Why Compulsory Third Party Insurance is required?

CTP insurance is generally a legal requirement and in some states is tied to your car registration. In NSW (& QLD) you have the option to select which insurer provides your CTP and in NSW in particular it is a separate (but linked) component to registration. Significant fines apply for Uninsured or unregistered vehicles in NSW so you should always ensure your vehicle registration and CTP are up to date. Trailers do not require Greenslips as they are covered by the CTP Insurance attached to the towing vehicle.

Where can I get Green Slips for CTP Insurance? 

While many states in Australia consider CTP Insurance to be a part of normal vehicle registration and usually include it in the car registration process, in NSW it is separate from registration and must be obtained before you can register your car. (In Queensland you may nominate your preferred insurer when you register your car).

Belmore Auto pit provide QBE greenslips and can arrange your CTP insurance cover for you. We also undertake e-Safety Checks (Pink Slips) in Narwee. If you need QBE Greenslips or an e-Safety Check or Pink Slip Inspection in Narwee NSW, Belmore Auto Pit have you covered


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